My AOL Gold software not working

AOL Gold software not working
after Windows 10 update

AOL Gold Software

AOL Gold has served as a user-friendly gateway to the world of web for innumerable people across the globe. It offers single pane portal complete with email, chat, browsing, and many other capabilities. Even it is very easy to set up and access. It also keeps on improving itself with the regular updates. But it will be wrong to ignore the fact that there are some hassles involved in this software. And the most commonly encountered trouble is AOL Gold not working among many users but especially with the users of Windows 10.

It is not only this particular software that has been affected by the changes, in fact, there are many which stopped working or responding after the Windows 10 update. However, most of the AOL Gold issues can be resolved by troubleshooting but sometimes it becomes hard for the users to identify the trouble.

Solutions: AOL Gold not working after Windows 10 update

  • Check the software compatibility – it is your first steps to check the compatibility of the software with that of the requirement of Windows 10. If you find any mismatch then the best you can do is to reinstall the software on the device.
  • Check network connection – you might be blaming your device for the software not working but the real culprit can be your internet connection. Close all the devices, restart the modem, router and then connect. If possible, make the router speed faster.
  • Update the software – this the most relevant option you can try. Visit the official website and compare the version you are using with that of newly released if yours is outdated then update AOL Gold according to the instructions.
  • Undo any recent device changes – this can be another reason behind the glitch that you are confronting. So you must undo any changes that you have made to the device in recent times and then try to use the software.

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If nothing seems to be working then you are left with only one option and that is to uninstall AOL Gold from your device. Reboot your device and then from the website install AOL Gold as this will solve all the troubles.

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